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April 4, 2016

Work culture at Ideasaur – Bangalore’s happiest creative agency!

Ideasaur best happiest agency in Bangalore

At Ideasaur Creative we aim at being the happiest organization ever! This mantra is woven into the spirit of everything we do here. The impact of this is simple and obvious. Happy people means great work and happy clients, leading right back to a boosted morale amongst the team.

We believe in really investing in people, be it team members, or clients, to get the best out of them. This doesn’t mean we forsake basic work principles. Here, time is valued above all. Our clients’, co-workers’ and ours. Except, instead of enforcing this principle, we take it upon ourselves to keep it. We police ourselves, motivate ourselves and each other.

Personal development is another focus of ours. Room for growth is enormous at Ideasaur Creative. When opportunity presents itself, our more experienced counter-parts whole heartedly share their knowledge and experiences with us. We also make it a point to incorporate learning into our work days. Time is set aside for polishing skills by self-learning or even attending workshops around the city. Staying on top of all developments and new trends in our field is important to us. This promotes an ever-evolving skill standard within the organisation. We are always learning and growing. The company is structured flat. Here leadership means sitting beside us and working even harder to motivate us to do the same. When work comes, we believe in collectively working as a team. Each Ideasaur pitches in and works their best to produce exciting results.

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Work is done efficiently and on time. We organise and prioritise work based on when it is due and edit and redo until it mirrors what we have promised. We always do our research and set out to work with the advantage of being well informed. Everything that leaves the work bench, makes it out only after thorough quality analysis. All products are designed only once we have completely understood our clients’ requirements. At Ideasaur Creative, understanding a client’s business is of prime importance. We only initiate work after we are armed with knowledge of all nuances of how we can craft solutions to best suit a client’s brand. Be it branding, advertising, content, social media or SEO, we aim at working with dynamic complete creative marketing solutions for our clients. Our people-are-important ways apply not only to our team, but also our clients. We do fair, mutually benefitting business. We do not compromise on our conducive working environment, and we do not expect clients to compromise on their expectations either. We only strike agreements with brands when we believe that we can deliver, and with work of excellent standards. We work hard, but also make time for fun, reinstating our belief that happy people are happy, and also more productive.

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