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April 6, 2018


A lot of people have been seen complaining about back aches, spinal cord pain, sciatica pain and neck pain in the recent times. It is a very common problem and most of the adults experience it at some point of time. The pain, when it’s persistent and severe, can affect your lifestyle as it can create hindrance in performing even the simple daily tasks. Along with disrupting your work and sleep, it also increases your stress levels. At times, a backache can become unbearable despite months and years of conservative treatments. It may sometimes seem that it’s simply caused by prolonged hours of sitting at work, picking something heavy or sleeping in a wrong position. However, if you’re experiencing chronic back pain, it could also be triggered by spinal disorders which require immediate attention like lower back pain treatment, disc replacement surgery, lumbar decompression, sciatica surgery among many others.

While back pain may be caused due to bad habits or a poor lifestyle such as low physical activity, acute stress, smoking, slouching while sitting for a longer period of time and consuming junk food. Other times it can also be a serious spinal disorder which, if not treated, can interfere with the day to day activities of normal life. Such spinal disorders can be in the form of Spondylolisthesis, Osteoporosis, Discitis and Spinal Stenosis among many others. Obesity can also be a reason for spine curvature disorders. The spine has three prime areas – the lumbar spine (lower back), the thoracic spine (middle back) and the cervical spine (neck). Among these three, the lumbar spine and cervical spine are the two most common areas for damage.

When the pain gets excruciating and the problem is persistent for a long period of time, surgeries like herniated disc surgery, disc replacement surgery, sciatica surgery, spinal cord treatment, sciatic nerve treatment can also be opted. Apart from the surgery giving relief from severe back pain, it can also help with better mobility, improvement in mood, less intake of pain killers, more productivity at work and will also make you physically fit.

Some of the most common spine surgeries are – Foraminotomy, which involves removing the tissues that constrict the nerves present in the back; Laminectomy, which is the most extensively approved type of spine surgery for spinal conditions caused by Spondylolisthesis and Stenosis, that involves removing parts of the back bone to reduce pressure on the spinal nerves; Spinal disc replacement, which is considered as one of the recent surgical treatments for back pain in which an artificial disc is used as a substitute for the damaged spinal disc; Spine Fusion, which requires joining two vertebrae together to heighten spine stability; Discectomy, which is used for the treatment of the herniated disc in the vertebrae.

While spinal surgery is a serious surgical procedure, with proper research, consideration and guidance of a trusted surgeon, it can also deliver good rewards. One such experienced and renowned spine surgeon in South India is Dr. Subodh M. Shetty, who has expertise in spine surgeries, joint surgeries and provides lower back pain treatment and herniated disc surgery. A graduate from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum, he has acquired numerous fellowships in minimally invasive spine surgery and is one of the best Degenerative Disc Disease Specialist in Bangalore. Dr. Subodh M. Shetty’s expertise is in the treatment of spine disorders, revision spine surgery, spinal cord treatment, sciatic nerve treatment and is the best spine doctor in South Bangalore. He is a specialist in treating slipped disc problems of the neck and lower back using minimal invasion techniques and has also been treating paediatric spine problems with deformities, traumatic spine infections, hunch back problems and performs Sciatica Pain Treatment in Bangalore with an excellent record.

Dr. Subodh M. Shetty can be available for consultation at SMS Spine and Ortho Clinic at Koramangala and Banashankari, Monday to Saturday, from 8:30am – 10:30am and 7:15pm – 8:45pm. Apart from the clinic, he also practices in hospitals like Appolo Spectra Hospitals, SSNMC Super Specialty Hospital, Sagar Hospitals and ProMed Hospital.

For further information on spine disorders and to book an appointment with Dr Subodh M. Shetty, please visit the website www.theorthopaedicclinic.in

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