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Why you shouldn’t DIY a logo

DIY your logo

There are a multitude of software’s that allow each one of us to don a creative hat and get our minds to work on creating a logo. The implications of this however, can be far-fetched negative. Dr. Ralf Seth rightly says “If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design”. Bringing out your amateur creative side to design a logo that would stay with your brand, could be disastrous due to various reasons. A logo is one that needs to resonate with the views and values of the company and the key job of the logo would be to represent the company across various platforms. This makes it essential to have a logo that works well with the brand guidelines as well as one that keeps up with the present design trends. Here are a few mistakes that come about as a result of DIY logos:

1)Bad choice of fonts and colours
Most DIY logo designers fail to put enough thought into choosing the right colour. They are inclined towards personal favorites when it comes to colour choices. This is an ineffectual way to decide on a colour scheme. DIY logo designers are unaware of the psychology of colours and the fact that colours have strong psychological associations. Red colour for instance is associated with strength, energy, physical courage etc. and they appear to be nearer than they are, therefore grabbing the eyeballs at a faster pace. It is therefore used by companies like the Red Cross association. The font choices also reflect the company values, it needs to resonate with the image of the brand.

Professional graphic designers incorporate various facets of logo design in order to make it adaptable and versatile. A logo needs to look classy and consistent when placed on a business card or a billboard. An amateur DIY logo designer may make a logo that is too busy to be accommodated in a small space or it could be one that is too simple when placed on a larger platform. A logo therefore needs to be versatile enough to be used everywhere.

DIY logo designs tend to be incompetent as logo design is not only about creativity, but also one that is technical and scientific. First time logo designers release their complete creative potential but do not take more technical aspects into consideration. They may not be at par with industry expectations or may look unfinished and unbalanced, portraying a sub-par company image.
Ideasaur creative understands the company vision, industry as well as personal preference of the client, to bring out the most creative and versatile logo. Our logos can be implemented across various platforms without any hassle. We at ideasaur understand that logo designing is a collaborative process and it should not only represent the company but also reflect it. For more information on logo design visit us at

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