January 29, 2018
January 29, 2018


Un-cuffed is a personalized clothing brand that specializes in tailor-made suits and provides a personalized experience during the entire process. Their team visits your home to take measurements and also home-deliver the suit once it is stitched. Uncuffed is known for their trendy designs, fabric quality, made-to-measure fittings and at home service. They have a diverse clientele right from corporates to celebrities. Un-Cuffed wanted to advertise their collection to their current clients via Whatsapp. Ideasaur created appealing ad creatives that were distributed to their clients by Un-Cuffed on Whatsapp. The creatives showcased their designs distinctively, specified all the necessary details provided by Un-Cuffed, and also followed all the parameters required for a Whatsapp ad creative. Uncuffed received a positive response from their current clients and the creatives were appreciated as well.