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July 23, 2018
January 29, 2018


Twiggr studio is a reputed company that began its operations in 1992 and collaborated with Space System in 2010. It started off as a distribution enterprise for Greenply and then expanded to Wuudply (largest selling brand in rural Karnataka). After experiencing exceptional growth in the wholesale sector over the last two decades, Twiggr decided to form a retail store in 2017 in order to source high quality decorative pieces from all around the world and make it available at affordable prices to prospective customers.

Twiggr sought Ideasaur’s web development services to make their website. Ideasaur conceptualized, designed, and developed Twiggr’s website from scratch. We incorporated all the elements that are necessary and vital for a interior design store. The client was happy with our work and appreciated the use of appropriate elements to display various products.


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