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March 15, 2018
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May 7, 2018


Stonesoup is a green company that offers eco-friendly products such as composting kits, composting blocks, menstrual cup, cloth pad, bags, soap nuts and cloth diapers. They also offer consulting services. The consulting services are applicable to organizations that wish to generate zero-waste. Stonesoup is also involved in actively engaging young ones in waste management discussions. The wide range of products offered by Stonesoup are aimed at making sustainable living easy for everybody.

Stonesoup approached Ideasaur for Whatsapp creatives that they wanted to advertise largely during the festive season. Ideasaur conceptualized and created innovative creatives that depicted the eco-friendly message along with the Stonesoup product. Each creative has the festive cheer as well as the vital message showcased in a crisp manner.

The client was pleased with the creatives and informed us that the creatives garnered a positive response from their audience.