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February 1, 2018
Must have design trends in 2018
February 1, 2018

Outdated design trends

outdated designs

Graphic design just like fashion, has evolved over the years, making it imperative for individuals to keep up with trends. Nobody wants to be seen in an outdated fashion style, like a bell-bottom jeans or a polka-dot dress. It is thus, important for designers to have a keen eye about the trends that can be used and the ones that should not see the light of day. A few of the outdated trends are as below:

  1. Bevel and Emboss:

    This Photoshop effect that creates a 3 dimensional appearance, is what most designs in History are made of. Aptly said by Donny Wilson “As a whole the design community will generally agree that the bevel and emboss tool should remain where we slowly put it – in Photoshop’s tool graveyard”. This technique is widely despised by professional designers, as they fail to provide an aesthetic appearance making it look flat and outdated.

    Bezzle and Emboss

  2. Cursive text:

    It is safe to point out that excessive use of this font, is an example of ‘bad design’. The style was used excessively when digital marketers began applying basic styles to websites. This trend makes it difficult to read through the website, thereby leading to a fall in the number of active customer engagement.

    cursive text

  3. Web 2.0 gloss:

    As if the clay-like look of the bevel and emboss effect wasn’t enough, designers decided to add in some shine, giving it a plastic and glass effect. The trend caught up quickly however, designers these days seek more subtle design choices, to match the ever-changing needs of the clients.

    Web Gloss

  4. Using all the white spaces:

    Using all the white spaces: Designers earlier ensured the use of every blank space available, to fill in either art work or copy. These days however, people have started to follow minimalism as the overuse of components to fill out all the spaces, makes the design look cluttered and disorganized, which could reflect the work to be one of an amateur designer.

    Bezzle and Emboss

    Using any of the above design trends, could leave a negative impact or impression among your viewers, as they may view it is an outcome of a mind with complete lack of thought and imagination. The abstract idea of design provides designers a wide range of options to experiment and adapt. We at Ideasaur, incorporate the latest trends in the design industry to produce extraordinary design. To know more about us and what we do, meet us at our website

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