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April 6, 2016
Flashy new visiting cards!
April 6, 2016

My new alias ‘Write-o-saur’


“Oh! By the way, let me know what you guys want to call yourselves,” I heard her say in a warm, enthusiastic voice, over the clicks of our industrious typing for a work assignment. This was on our first day at work, when we received our first work assignmentto ideate on a digital marketing strategy for one of the big land development companies in Bengaluru. My mind did a double take.

“Let her know what we want to call ourselves? What did she mean by that?”, I pondered, half immersed in between Social Media and website audits.
It could mean that she expected us to come up with a job title for ourselves. But somehow, the greyness of the corporate world and its impossibly straight lines forbade this possibility. Maybe the title would be for the lighter side of things, to jolly up the office, fun up the Social Media factor and maybe to make a few friends jealous 😉
Halfway through the day she asked us a second time. This time she gave us an encouraging nudge with the story of a previous intern who had jokingly attached “saur” to her Twitter id. She even hinted that the title might make its way to our visiting cards. That was all the motivation we needed to unleash our silly, fun sides.
For next twenty minutes the keyboard’s tap-taps were replaced with rap-raps on our thinking caps. The process unfolded much like any other writing process. We opened a Word document and started at it for a few minutes sitting still, while our minds bounded like a fast forwarded game of ricochet, high on the intoxicating freedom of having no rules or restraints. Love some, not so proud of some, but all done in good fun!
We settled on ‘Write-o-saur’, finally, agreeing that it would be easy to tailor to other job positions at Ideasaur. ‘Write-o-saur’, my new alias, a title that I would hear being said several times in the following days to come. That’s exactly what happened. Of all the people who adored the title and visiting card,
no one could compare to my mother, what with her infectious keenness and delightfully amusing sense of humour. The day after the title was bestowed on me, she sent a text at lunch time simply saying, “Hi Write-o-saur, what r u doing?”, a text that left me warm, with a silly grin.
We all gushed over it during lunch at the office.
A week later, the temperature in Bengaluru had risen by a substantial amount and most of us were either drinking water or running to the restroom to relieve ourselves (alright, I admit this is a tad bit much but I needed a sneaky way of bringing in this scene). Sitting on the pot at home, I heard mom through the walls. It is awfully quiet in the mornings, especially in buildings where most occupants are families with either little kids or old people. So the words, “where is Write-o-saur?,” drifted
through two layers of concrete, muffled some, but audible and reached me. And I sat there cracking a smile.
We spend a minimum of 9 hours and some at work, a good number of them at board meetings.
You’d think that we might caught on how the best creation and most productivity crops out of things done in fun and happiness, in experimenting and playing. It doesn’t hurt to touch our corporate greys with a little colour once in a while, just saying. That’s what ‘Write-o-saur’ meant to me. A precious experience, perfect for a first job; something I’ll never forget to take with me wherever I go.

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