My new alias ‘Write-o-saur’
April 6, 2016
A week at Ideasaur
April 6, 2016

Flashy new visiting cards!

The sun was high on his post, exerting extra effort as if to make me sweat in my seat, perfectly in character for an interview at a company you hope to work in. Fortunately, the cool interior of the building and the comfortable couch were on my side and I didn’t relent to the sun’s scorching any more. It helped that they were really cool as well, the co-founders of Ideasaur, friendly as they shook hands with me and eased my discomfort further. The talk went well and I found everything I was looking for in a company, when they pulled out the fanciest looking visiting card I’d seen off screen. There are several articles on Facebook that speak of creative plays on business cards, I’d read many of them and admired the really crafty ones. Ideasaur’s business card went right up there with the best ones I’d come across. I instantly found myself wishing for one but considering that most card holders I had seen were industry veterans, the possibility of it actually happening never struck me. The day I joined we picked a job title, “Write-o-saur”, and two weeks into working at Ideasaur I was given my very first business card and a totally kick-ass visiting card holder. I was ecstatic!
What had still not dawned on me then was the power of the visiting card. Most of us undermine what a great visiting card can do!
Incidentally, I stumbled upon the reason why visiting cards are called so! It is quite interesting. Visiting cards can be traced back to 17th century Europe where they were used to announce the arrival of aristocrats and other important people. Seeing how convenient it was to pass on contact information, by the time mankind reached the 19th century, most people had one. Today, a majority of
businesses use them in the same capacity. What we don’t appreciate is, the large potential contained in little things like visiting cards. They can do so much more than convey contact information. I learnt this by giving our these niftily designed Ideasaur visiting cards to family and friends. Excited as I was, the card holder went everywhere with me, fully loaded, and I would hit people with its awesomeness every chance I got. It also travelled with me to Mumbai for my cousin’s wedding. A great visiting card is a brilliant ice-breaker. I hadn’t seen that side of the family in a very long time and it instantly got the conversation going. Everyone wanted one, and this gave me a way of connecting with people beyond just the family as well. I did a fair bit of networking and got the idea of Ideasaur out there! My four-year old nephew wanted one too, and I told him sternly, “If you promise to leave the rest of them alone after and keep the one I give you properly, I’ll give you one.” To this he nodded his irresistibly cute nod and I presented him with a card which he took and gazed at with widened curious eyes before, I can almost swear, putting it in his pocket! From the youngest to the oldest, the card made an impression on everyone. Many pictures of the card also went out on Whatsapp, proudly, from me to friends and from my family to their friends, even my optician delightedly pocketed one. The best experience with the card, however, happened in my music class, yes, I went there! 10 cards were gone in 10 seconds and the compliments started pouring in. I made a mental note to tell the co-founders about the buzz that their design had created. My guitar instructor loved it most of all. He mentioned that quite a few times, but the most heart-warming part came when I saw him showing the card to another student saying, “Have you seen Disha’s visiting card?”.
A visiting card speaks for your business and as a digital marketing agency, this card works really well! If a card is well-designed, the receiver is more likely to keep it. If a card is brilliantly designed, the receiver will probably show it to everyone he meets. The power of a visiting card.

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