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Work culture at Ideasaur – Bangalore’s happiest creative agency!
March 31, 2016
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April 6, 2016

My first job with Ideasaur

Best place to work in Bangalore Ideasaur Creative

My first day at work at Ideasaur Creative, Bangalore.

“A first job is so much like first love… adventurous and magical, yet sometimes frustrating but priceless in hindsight!”

Incredibly, this is everything that my first job is, with bearing on each word in that thought. If you have read my post on my first week at Ideasaur, you would know that the initial days of my career were magical.

Getting introduced to the work that Ideasaur created for a variety of clients across verticals was exciting and new. This was a perfect start to a week in which I was also fortunate enough to experience different forms of writing – content for websites, blogs, social media, and print.
Work is always fun when you are immersed in something you love doing, and time always flies by at Ideasaur quickly. Odd-hour chais, petting and worrying about the cute office puppy, Pablo who would often pick fights with the wild street dogs, and laughing at phunny stuff online, juggling between client briefs, social media posts, banner designs, contest conceptualizing, creating engaging content and online shopping 🙂
Yes, online shopping! My first job being at Ideasaur, I have never worked in a professional environment before. So we spend a good bit of time improving my dressing sense and work ethics. Initially, although this was frustrating, for a fashion-handicapped tom boy like me, it has soon became a pass-time, with 10 minutes of online window-shopping every day to build my fashion super-power, which now substitutes my power-naps.
If you see me now, you’ll see an improvement. At least the ‘no-ways’ have been junked and I’m moving my closet towards some semblance of that of a professional’.
The best times at work are when we work on creating Digital Marketing Strategy. This is when all grey matter can be unleashed on working out new ideas and strategies which differ from client to client.
When its time to write content, sometimes it is really technical and extensive content. That’s when it gets challenging. Hours of cataloguing and reading up on unfamiliar products that our clients sell to populate their website in the best way possible becomes increasingly tedious. But when the to-do list clears up, a sense of relief and feeling of accomplishment quickly replaces the frustration and I almost end up doing the victory dance!

When I had just joined, Jineesha had showed me a logo that Ideasaur had designed for a food outlet that was set to launch close to my place. A month later it did, and I forever point out the logo to everyone I know with pride, boasting that I work people who come up with brilliant designs and ideas of that calibre.

I have never experienced pride of this kind, real satisfaction and the swelling desire to share my feats with the world! It is a far cry from marks in school. Here, what I create impacts someone’s business in real-time. I get to add value to my team and to clients. I get to see my creative efforts eventually exist in the real world and nothing gives me more happiness than this.
In an environment where your actions have immediate and direct consequences, the stakes are high and usually accompanied with a sense of dread in letting people down. At the start, I was afraid of being the cause for our failure but it is impossible for anyone to work without committing any mistakes. Each mistake is trying to tell you something and will translate into a step in the right direction, if you listen close enough to it.

At Ideasaur, mistakes are pointed out objectively and constructively for betterment and good work is always appreciated. Opportunity is given to take responsibilities and grow, while constantly learning. Insights on client interaction, creating presentations, networking and business management are shared and discussed.
I couldn’t think of a better place to have started my careers. Working for Ideasaur has holistically impacted my life.

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