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Outdated design trends
February 1, 2018
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Digital Marketing trends of 2017
February 1, 2018

Must have design trends in 2018


Graphic design is an ever-evolving concept, some designs stand the test of time, while others merge into oblivion. It is imperative for brands to be represented consistently across various mediums. A good visual imagery helps your brand stand out from competitors and this can be achieved through eye-catching visuals made with exceptionally designed graphics. It is therefore important to produce authentic, original images that represent the brand, in order to stay ahead of competitors. Here is a list of must-have design trends that can be followed to help your design pop out of the ordinary and take the path to the exceptional.

  1. Bright Color Schemes

    The colour scheme sees a drastic shift from neutral colours, like whites, blacks and grays to a much brighter and bolder colour scheme. Since there is an increase in the amount of content on the internet, using a loud and bright colour scheme would help your design to stand out. Duotone, the concept of incorporating two colours to provide an explosion of colour, is catching fire, as it provides an exceptional look and feel to any design that wishes to make a mark in the content population. The image below is an example of the duotone concept.

    bright color schemes

  2. Bold Typography:

    This year focuses on bold Typography and daring font combinations. Sharp photography coupled with bold text, easily captures the attention of individuals who do not want to process large chunks of information. The combination works great for display ads, print ads and social media promotions. Propel electrolyte water, manages to gain the attention of their target audience with the below advertisement.

    bold typography

  3. Authentic Photos:

    Authentic photos tend to resonate with brand image as they are original and one that people can relate with. The images are real and fit the persona of the audience and user base. Stock photos on the other hand could undermine the credibility of the brand as people have seen the same images across various platforms. It is therefore important to use authentic photos to showcase originality of content.

    authentic photos

  4. Cinemagraphs:

    Unlike the traditional gif’s, designers are increasingly employing the use of cinemagraphs, a style in which still pictures see a small area of movement, making the photo a little more alive. This beautiful twist, uses high-quality and authentic images to make the image magical and attractive.


  5. Hand Drawn Illustrations:

    Hand drawn illustrations: Designers are increasingly using illustrations that are hand drawn, in order to add an element of fun. This not only brings a human element into the world where design is dominated by electronics, but also adds nostalgia and a bit of a personal element into the design.

    hand drawn illustrations

    We at Ideasaur believe in creating futuristic designs that mirror the vision of the brand. We focus on incorporating the latest design trends to help stand out from the ordinary. Our designs reflect and adapt the modern day trends in order to help resonate with the present generation and ever-changing dynamic of the market. We, at Ideasaur understand which element is of utmost priority to your brand, keeping your brand guidelines in mind. Our expertise allows us to experiment with the right shapes, colours, fonts and textures to create a design that stays well within the lines of the latest trends in the industry. For any designing needs and queries, contact us at www.ideasaur.in

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