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April 6, 2016
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A week at Ideasaur


Journey to the Ideasaur office
It happened on a Saturday, the 6th of February, 2016. I had a 9:00 am interview and I’d woken up early to prepare. Not knowing what to expect, I spent nearly two hours going through videos of my PR campaigns Coursera course, trying to recount some points and ideas. With a light buzz of anticipation-meets-nervousness in my stomach I rode 40 minutes to my destination, the interior of one of the most happening places in Bangalore, Indiranagar. The ride was a long one, with my mind shuffling between debates and my new favourite anime song, the debates being BTM vs Bommanhalli, then Koramangala Vs MG road, interrupted by eccentric bursts of Japanese pop-rock music.  I finally got there, with a few minutes to spare, and used that time to calm myself down while taking in the sights around me. There was a gym across the road – one that would later become our iconic morning music “donator”, and a tea shop next door that I’d read something about a few days before.

Love at first sight
I walked through the gates of the white two-storeyed building and into the Ideasaur office. A plush blue couch behind a modest white table besides a glass room looked back at me. I had barely sat on the couch, which was rather comfortable, when the founders walked in, Jineesha in the lead. They were warm and friendly. We shifted to the desk and chairs opposite the glass room for the interview.  They first asked me what I’d been working on and what I was looking forward to doing. This was followed by a description of what Ideasaur Creative was all about. The business card they handed me reflected a fresh-breath-of-air and suggested a unique style of creativity. The founders shared their approach to digital media marketing, SEO, website content, social media, advertising and branding and then went on to describe the kind of work I would be doing for them.  And that was when it happened. This job that they were describing was turning out to be exactly what I was looking for.  After the interview we took a tour around the office space. The glass room was now filling up, with people typing away industrially on their laptops, breaking away occasionally to have deep intense discussions with each other. The aroma of tea and strong bitter waves of coffee wafted from a cosy little pantry.  Up the stairs, the first floor opened out to a host of rooms, nicely designed and buzzing with activity.  The best part was yet to come. The last floor. An open space, half sheltered by a red tiled roof. At one corner was a final staircase climbing to the terrace. A wide make-shift room covered by only more of the red tiled roof, this area had chairs and marble tables lining the walls to allow for people to sit and work.  The tour ended with warm handshakes leaving me hoping for the call. Two days later it came and the terrace work room became my work place.

Four very different days
Monday was our first day at work. Another newbie Nidhi’s, and mine. She turned out to be a fun, friendly person, nice to work with. Initiation was to happen, and we sat with Jineesha for hours, pouring over the laptop, going over various kinds of work that Ideasaur had created for its clients. Amazingly, we got to practise most of those things in the days that followed, rather quickly. Wednesday and Thursday were particularly intense. Wednesday passed in preparing for a sudden client pitch that was to happen on Thursday. The last minute scramble under pressure was fun! We did in depth research of the client’s presence across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, held that up in comparison to their competitors and chalked a few strategies to reinvent their communicative efforts. Our proposal was built to suggest a 36o degree approach in building their brand across their website, social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest and print, with focus on content blogs to leverage SEO.

Creatives in the cab
We set out with an hour and a half in hand until the pitch. Google maps, which we opened because our ‘new-to-Bangalore’ cabbie wanted directions, predicted a 40-minute journey. As if conspiring with the situation, all our phones’ internet connections were wavering.  Still, we had time beat, and that gave us some respite. But several slides in the presentation still needed polishing.  What followed was a crazy mix of presentation tweaking, some phone juggling and direction-guessing that finally got us to our client’s office. Plus, we made it under 30 minutes, magically defying Google Maps.  Luckily,there was a coffee shop right across the road from the client’s where we discussed the strategy amongst other things. At ten to eleven, we walked into the client’s office. Two hours later, I had attended my first client meeting ever, and what’s more, the client seemed happy with us!  We celebrated with a team lunch at Woodstok, brilliant music, yummy pizza and all (it also happened to be Jineesha’s birthday, so it was beer on the house). What an exciting day that was!  Friday wound down the week quietly, an apt ending to a happening week.

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