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How to choose the right digital agency for your company


If we look into the world of commerce around us, it is plainly apparent that businesses are investing substantial money in building and constantly updating their online presence. And for good measure, because the importance of being present online is well known. Any brand that wishes to make impact, should have an interaction with it’s customers. To ensure this, picking the right digital media marketing agency can become extremely crucial.

Things to bear in mind while on the hunt for a digital marketing firm:
1)Limitations: Like in romantic relationships, people usually get blown away by the “awesome factor” of the promises made by many digital media agencies. This is why it is vital for a brand to consider limitations when signing with a digital partner, and to find a company capable of doing what the brand really needs.

2)Genuineness: Be wary of promised ROIs and numbers when incredulously high or unimaginable!

3)Tracking methodology: Pre-set and agree upon ways to measure the digital marketing company’s progress. Decide on frequency of meetings, briefs and targets beforehand. A good digital agency will welcome this, and even initiate this from their end.

4)Budget: Every brand will have a set budget for advertisement and marketing. This may cut down options and place a box around possibilities. But remember, the cheapest digital agency may get the job done, but it isn’t necessarily the best!

A digital agency, like any other company, has at least ten different roles to fill – from copy writers to
designers and account managers. Work is round the clock, especially when it involves Social Media. All these factors add to cost of function and resources, which is why the some of the well-teamed agencies charge slightly more.
Remember that brand image is a delicate entity that is earned and bestowed by the customers. It can be affected by several obvious, and less obvious factors. If well researched and expertly executed strategies are replaced by a “one shoe fits all” approach, the result may not only be not to your liking, but might end up causing potential damage to your brand’s reputation.  Also, sometimes, subtle happenings provide your brand opportunities to shoot ahead of competition. To recognize those openings and leverage them, you need industry experts.
Don’t compromise on quality to save money, that choice might come with a price.

5)Negotiations: Have a mutually beneficial, legally binding deal. Get all your deal breakers expressly stated, and reach a conclusion that satisfies both parties. After all, the best kind of deal is one where both sides walk away happy. And this lays the foundation for a good long term relationship with the digital media marketing agency.

Find the best fit for your requirements.
What makes your typical digital marketing agency?
Strategists, copy writers, art directors, designers, SEO specialists, social media managers, digital strategists and the lot coming together. While this base of skills may remain constant across the creative agencies, most of them have core competencies – some may specialize in SEO and others may have personnel highly skilled in social media marketing. Most digital marketing companies clearly and confidently state these core skills on their websites or as part of their fliers, ads, posts. As a brand, your strategy should be finding the right mix of skill degrees in a creative agency that will suit your current, specific marketing needs. After shortlisting digital agencies with similar capabilities, pick the one that stand out most, or the one your gut tells you to go with and give them a shot!

Here at Ideasaur Creative, we are big on ideas! Brand strategy and digital marketing strategy are our core competencies. The expertise and leadership by our top executives helps us to understand brands and the right communication strategy for each of our clients. We value our clients, and are dedicated to improving and  maintaining brand image through our 360 degree communication approach, making us the most receptive digital branding consultancy in Bangalore.
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