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Fundamentals to Come Up With Great User Generated Content

Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that are handmade. It says that someone cares and loves you enough to go out of their way to create something just for you. User generated content is basically just that – a personalised gift to brands. Nothing says loyalty and satisfaction like user generated content. It means the customer had a great experience with your brand and is willing to show that by creating some original content for it.

Needless to say, UGCs are a definite boost to your marketing campaigns. It shows a connection between you and your customers. Brands are forever trying to establish the fact that they’re trustworthy and who could say that better than customers?

Ready to make a successful UGC campaign? Here are a few fundamentals you need to keep in mind to ensure that your campaign hits all the right notes.


UGCs by definition mean creating and receiving good, original content. Authenticity is a key factor that comes into play when you’re designing a campaign. Your campaign needs to stay true to your brand’s image. UGCs can be one the most interesting and engaging method to get people involved. But if your campaign is based on an old, already tried-out idea, you might as well throw in the towel. When you use freshly churned out ideas that are engaging and fun, you will receive content that is fun.

The best way to propagate User Generated Content is by getting social media influencers on board. If there’s anyone who knows how to grab the attention of several thousand on the social media, it’s influencers. Brands, when collaborating with influencers, make a formidable team. An influencer offers a sort of authenticity to the brand and the campaign. Everyone trusts an influencer. When people see influencers advocating and even possibly contributing to the brand’s UGC campaign, they’ll become more willing to share their stories and contribute to original content. What brands need to keep in mind here is – “Keep it real.”


We are all separated by distance – but connected by emotions. Emotions play a strong contender in creating successful content. What brands need to remember is that they’re selling a feeling – not a material. If your campaign can strike the right chord amongst people, half your job is done. A good example of how a brand managed to build the emotional quotient in their UGC is Mint. Mint is a personal budgeting app – not exactly flashy and famous as opposed to brands that sell goods. Being a relatively new app on the market, it wanted to be recognized among the masses. By starting a #MyMintMoment contest, it managed to garner a lot of original content and recognition. The objective of the campaign was to get people send pictures of that one particular moment in their lives that required them to save up enough money and ultimately splurge on that event. The response was overwhelming. Many people started sending pictures of their wedding day or their child’s graduation or even their parents’ 50th anniversary. The contest emotionally triggered people. Besides, who doesn’t love a good story.


Whatever a brand does needs to reflect in the image it wants to portray. A campaign cannot be irrelevant to what that brand upholds. Think of creative contests that are engaging but also remind people about the brand they are creating original content for.

Coca-Cola came up with a simple #ShareACoke campaign where people had to post a picture of whom they’d want to share a Coke with. The campaign spread like wildfire. People began posting pictures of Coke cans and who they wanted to share them with. The response was massive and Coca-Cola began making ‘Share a Coke’ the basis of all their marketing campaigns and adverts.

Doritos had launched a new spicy flavour in their range of tortilla chips. To spread the word about this new product, the started a #BurnSelfie campaign where people would capture a picture of themselves trying the spicy chips and their reaction to the spiciness. It was a fun campaign and who doesn’t like taking a selfie?

Influencers who advocate the brand can definitely help garner user generated content. Since they like the brand and use it regularly, they certainly reflect the brand’s lifestyle and image. Brands should figure out a way to incorporate influencers into their campaigns.


User generated content is one of the best social media marketing strategy there is. There have already been some really good campaign ideas that have shaken the internet world. In the years to come, we will see some brilliant campaigns with a lot more response. This niche is only growing and people are just getting started. There’s some untapped potential here. Consumers can get pretty creative if they want to and with these campaigns hitting the social media platforms, there is some good user generated content waiting to be unleashed.

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